The Great White Mountain Shark

A fisherman from Texas ignores local folklore and ventures out onto a deep mountain lake at night.

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The Mystery of the Missing Pane of Glass

A bumber crop of apples creates an opportunity for 2 boys to wreck a home with the fruit.

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The Ghost By The River

Modern day youths encounter the spirit of a distraught mother as she searches for the body of her baby.

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The Day the Bathroom Became My Sanctuary

A simple meal turns into a food fight between two brother and ends with much grief for one of the siblings.

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The Greatest Shot Ever

A childhood game results in a near tragic ending as two young boys learn the dangers of playing war.

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Legend of the Cannibal Town

A haunting tale of a town and how they came to be flesh eaters.

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Revenge of the Weevils

A simple prank on a baby sitter backfires as real bugs take revenge on the young culprits.

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Wow - We Hit the Charts !! #10 at Podcast Alley !!

Wow - Today we hit the #10 podcast on for the day !! What an honor !!
I am suprised because our Reader Counter is reading low. Don't worry, any kudos are appreciated and will not be turned away. Thanks podcastalley surfers for your support !


Podcast Title
1. Say Yum
Do you have a yearning to hear some funky beats? Hankering for some tech talk and bit of comedy? Are you craving some tasty treats? Then your appetite is about to Say ...
2. Grape Radio
The place where an ethusiasm for wine gets personal
3. The Bitterest Pill
Dan Klass podcast
4. Croncast - Kristopher Smith
Broadcast from a basement in the burbs this daily podcast offers a hilarious look into the daily lives of Kris and his wife Betsy. Once cool, Kris and Betsy are now ..
5. Evil Genius Chronicles
Dave Slusher's soliloquy. Dave's been in it from the start.
6. Mark Levine's Inside Scoop ...
Mark Levine's Inside Scoop on Washington Former Congressional Attorney Mark Levine brings you "all the news from the nation's capital that the Government does not want...
7. The Overnightscape
Weekly Internet Talk Radio Show. Join host Frank Edward Nora on a pleasantly insane ramble through the mysteries of life, culture, current events, beverages, malls, an...
8. Viva Podcast
Viva podcast: talk from the desert base in New Mexico, USA. We talk about movies, sports, music, and anything else that catches our fancy! Subscribe now!
9. The Colmination
A culmination of sports, dvds, music, comedy, tech, tv, video games, sex, and everyday life.
10. Bedtime Stories My Kids Love to Hear
A new collection of original bedtime stories my kids loved to hear. A little off-beat, a little strange at times, but always good clean fun. No nursery rhymes here.

Click on the posting title (Wow - We Hit....) to go to the ranking page. Depending on when you click through I am sure we will have been knocked down a few notches.


How the Pig Liberated the Rabbits or Why I Do Not Eat Raisins

A simple 4-H project becomes a Saturday morning prison as a diabolical scheme is devised to free both the rabbits and the children.

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The Carnivore Eats the Cow

A Northern New Mexico legend comes to life as a brief encounter with the man-monster heats up a would be normal winter morning.

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Bedtime Stories My Kids Love

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