The Man in the Can and the Great Snake War

The Man in the Can encounters a den of snakes in their pursuit of bird eggs.

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The Man in the Can Goes to the Dump

The man in the can finds himself in peril as he ends up in the city trash dump.

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The Alien New World Order Trials

The strangest criminal trials occurs in New Mexico history as the defendants use alien conspiracies as part of their defense.

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A great website regarding this crime and the trials can be found at;

Horner also has a book out on the subject; "September Sacrifice" (check it out, if that's your type of thing)


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Out of a group of UFO buffs grew a
murder plot against the wife of one member of the group who
once allegedly claimed he was an extraterrestrial, prosecutors allege.

Girly Chew Hossencofft was last seen Sept. 9, 1999.
Her body has not been found.

But prosecutors are seeking capital punishment if Diazien Hossencofft,
the victim's husband, and Linda Henning,
Diazien's alleged girlfriend, are convicted of kidnapping and
murdering the diminutive bank employee.

A fellow UFO enthusiast is charged with conspiracy to murder
the Maylasian immigrant, as well, the prosecution says.
The group used to meet weekly at a bookstore to talk about UFOs.

A competency hearing for Henning was scheduled here Monday
before state District Judge Frank Allen Jr...

****Reprint Courtesy of Gallup Independent (7-02-01 edition)****

Human Resistive Manifesto by Henning can be found at

Reader beware...this is way out there.....

Letter from Linda Henning to a friend. Remainder of this letter can be found at

Again, this is way out there, so reader beware....

The Party Line Murders

The members of a rural household are murdered and local law enforcement calls a neighbor on the party line to inform them of possible danger.

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The New Mexico Boys' School (NMBS) was opened on October 1, 1909 by proclamation of former territorial Governor George Currey. Located near the town of Springer in scenic northeastern New Mexico, the original facility was designed from a corrections and detention perspective. - Photo Courtesy of The State of New Mexico.

The Ghost Hitchhiker of Highway 56

A tale of years of encounters with a mystical being on a rural stretch of highway.

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Photograph of a Ghost.

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