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21:53 Things to do @ Walmart - Adam offers a tee shirt to anyone who does a "sound scene" tour and records one of the events. (Daily Source Code 319 )

* 25 boxes of condoms and put them in other carts randomly.
* Set all alarm clocks 5min
* trail of tomatoe juice leading toilet
* bag of M&Ms on layby
* move a caution wetfloor sign to a carpeted area
* setup a tent in the camping dept
* when a Clerk asks if they can help you cry "Why cant you people just leave me alone??!"
* look right in to sec camera pick nose
* gun dept ask for prozac
* run around the stoor humming the Mission Impossible theme song.
* funnals maddonna look
* When an announcement comes over the speaker system, assume the fetal position and scream no no its those voices again!
* Go to the changing room, stay a few minutes and scream out "hey theres no toilet paper in here!"

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